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This journal belongs to Nerdorama and is meant for roleplaying Persona 4's Rise Kujikawa, sometimes known as Risette. This journal's specifically for use in games with ~sensitive topics~ such as (and currently only) [community profile] amatomnes. Please reply here or feel free to contact me on plurk at [ profile] Nerdorama if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about my roleplaying. For this posts, anonymous commenting is enabled, IP-logging is off, and comments are screened. Thanks!
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NAME: Rise Kujikawa
CANON: Persona 4 (CRAU from [community profile] amatomnes)
AGE: 19 (chronologically 17 - Time Stuff happens in Amat)
HEIGHT/BUILD: 5'2"-ish and very slender

That should cover it

PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Rise is a very affectionately forward person, but it has to be on her terms. If she trusts you, she's a downright cuddlebug. If she doesn't know you, it's safest to let her take the lead.
PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Rise's a glass jaw and her current greatest physical attack amounts to a slap or a badly imitated kick inna junk. She is not a violent person and will likely fold like a lawnchair if someone gets violent with her, at least physically.
RELATIONSHIPS: Rise loves friends. Loves having them, loves making them, loves helping them. She's quite the romantic, but she's currently in a committed relationship, so she's not looking.
PSYCHIC INFORMATION: She's a person whose thoughts tend to flit around like a bird, swinging fairly rapidly between bubbly, maudlin, and occasionally pitiful. She has some psychic abilities of her own, which may cause some interference, but she's not trained in using them defensively.
MAGICAL INFORMATION: Rise is an otherwise-normal human with access to a magical ability called Persona, essentially able to manifest part of her personality as an external projection with magical powers - hers is patterned after Kanzeon, the Bodhisattva of Compassion from the Japanese-Buddhist faith. Her appearance and general abilities are covered here and more permission-related stuff is at the bottom of this post.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: Rise is a healthy young lady, although her eating habits leave a few things to be desired when left to cook for herself.

BACKTAGGING: Go for it, and be warned I'm slow as hell so I may do this to you if allowed.
THREADHOPPING: If it's feasible, go for it. No need to restrict non-private conversations.
FOURTHWALLING: She will be confused since she's actually acted on TV at home, and may not get it. She's familiar with multiple universes now, though, and will probably just chalk it up to that if pressed.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: I'm cool with most things that aren't super graphic violence of the kind likely to cause septic shock. Rise doesn't have any specific triggers you wouldn't expect from an average Japanese teenage girl, but start treating her like a sex object or something to be ogled and you're in for a lengthy argument at least.

Permissions from you: TELEPATHY AND SCANNING: Rise's Persona's primary ability lets her reach out and touch someone, metaphorically at least. She can communicate into peoples' minds at a distance, as well as perceiving the area around them. This only works on willing people she knows at least a bit, though, and Rise can't scan minds or learn secrets or things like that. The best she can do with it on a subject who's unwilling or doesn't know her is locate them at a distance, and even then she needs some information and OOC permission.

Her other main ability is checking enemies (near her or the friends she's coordinating psychically) for strengths and weaknesses in the RPG sense of "use this kind of attack and it deals no/half/extra damage". I will ask permission for this as it comes up, since it seldom does in low-action jamjar RP.

WARNING FOR SEXUAL CONTENT: Rise is coming from a sex game where she She's aware she's not in that situation anymore, but it might take her a bit for her brain to catch up with her mouth, and she may reference some sexual things from time to time. Please bear with her or let me know if you want me to keep our interactions 100% clean.
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You have reached Rise Kujikawa! I'm sorry I can't come to this magic smartphone doohickey right now, but please leave a polite message and I'll get right back to you. Thanks!


[Alternatively, if you have one of Naoto Shirogane's walkie-talkies, she's on Channel 6.]


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